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Honours Mathematics & Statistics

The Honours Mathematics & Statistics program offers broad-based, interdisciplinary courses which develop problem-solving and analytic thinking skills.

The shape of a flower, the form of a molecule, the structure of galaxies – all of these reveal patterns; patterns which can be discovered and studied with mathematics and statistics. Mathematics studies the patterns themselves, discovering subtle and sometimes unexpected features. It also has the ability to clarify and predict properties, which explains its remarkable usefulness throughout the sciences. Statistics studies patterns which arise in data, and is used to distinguish regularities from chance.

Essential skills, such as quantitative and statistical reasoning, are acquired in this program through courses taught by recognized leaders in research and teaching.

Program Type

Honours Bachelor of Science

Degree at Graduation

Unlimited Enrollment

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Beginning in Level 3

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Admission Requirements

Completion of any Level 1 program with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including:

  • 1 course from MATH 1A03, 1LS3, 1X03
  • 1 course from MATH 1AA3, 1LT3, 1XX3 with a grade of at least 6.0 (C+)
  • MATH 1B03

Typical Second-Year Courses


Introduction to Differential Equations


Advanced Calculus 1


Advanced Calculus 2


Complex Analysis 1

 MATH 2R03

Theory of Linear Algebra


Introduction to Probability