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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics study patterns underlying diverse phenomena such as the weather, human and animal populations, stock markets, the form of a molecule, or the structure of the space and the time. Using mathematics, we discover subtle and sometimes unexpected features of these phenomena; as well , we can predict their behaviour, which is an extremely important component of our understanding of the world and the space that surrounds us.

Statistics can help us make sense of large data sets and complex systems in areas such as astronomy, genomics, social networks, climate simulation, and medicine. Statisticians examine the patterns which arise in data with the goal of distinguishing true patterns from chance effects.

Program Type

Bachelor of Science

Degree at Graduation

Unlimited Enrollment

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Admission Requirements

Completion of any Level 1 program with a Grade Point Average of at least 3.5 including:

  • 2 courses from MATH 1A03, 1AA3, 1LS3, 1LT3, 1X03, 1XX3, 1ZA3, 1ZB3 with an average of at least 4.0
  • 1 courses from COMPSCI 1FC3, 1MD3, MATH 1B03 , 1MP3, 1ZC3
  • 2 Faculty of Science courses

Typical Second-Year Courses


Introduction to Differential Equations


Advanced Calculus 1


Advanced Calculus 2


Complex Analysis 1


Theory of Linear Algebra


Introduction to Probability