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Biology Outreach

Biology Greenhouse

The Biology Greenhouse is a teaching and research facility in the Department of Biology. While many plants are grown in the short term for research studies, the permanent collection is used in plant biology classes offered by the Biology Department and for outreach to local schools and the public.

The Greenhouse, with its 780 square meters under glass, houses a richly diverse collection of live plants encompassing more than 217 species in 150 genera from over 77 plant families. The plant collection contains bamboo, insect-eating cobra plants, a chocolate tree, a coffee tree, a palm tree, sugarcane, cycads, bananas and more!

Please contact Dr. Susan Dudley if interested in touring the Greenhouse. Also, check out their Instagram page! @mcmasterbiogreenhouse

Biology Greenhouse: Learn More

Plant Genetics Workshop

In this workshop offered by the Department of Biology, high school students can have a “hands-on” experience performing molecular genetic experiments with the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. The five-hour workshop, including a one-hour break for lunch, teaches students about amplifying DNA and monitoring gene activity. To find out more, contact Dr. Elizabeth Weretilnyk.

Plant Genetics Workshop: Learn More