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Chemistry & Chemical Biology Outreach

Magic of Molecules

This show runs about three times a year – once in February and October (virtually) and once in person (late November/early December)

This is a made-at-McMaster show that introduces audiences of all ages to the magic of chemistry. Magic with Molecules is the flagship community outreach event for the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology. This show combines education with entertainment to build science literacy and inspire the next generation of scientists.

Please contact Anthony Chibba or Sharonna Greenberg for more information.

Magic of Molecules: Contact Us

Sustainable Chemistry Lab

This is a lab designed here at McMaster for high school students to come and investigate how to identify different plastics based on their properties, and ways we can break down plastics into their base monomers.

Opportunities to come and try this experiment usually run in late April/early May

Please contact Sharonna Greenberg or Kylie Luska for more information.

Sustainable Chemistry Lab: Contact Us