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Earth, Environment & Society Outreach


Hosted by the School of Earth, Environment & Society, this event fulfills part of the Ontario geography curriculum for grades 9, 11 and 12 students.

The annual GIS Day assists in raising the visibility of the field of geomatics among high school students and their teachers.

Students can participate in various hands-on computer activities with ArcView, GPS and Map Skills.

GIS Day: Learn More

Attend an Earth Science or Environment and Society Lecture at McMaster

Grade 11 and 12 high school classes are invited to visit McMaster University and participate in any of the following lectures during the school year.

EARTHSC 1G03 – Earth and the Environment
ENVIRSC 1C03 – Climate, Water and Environment
ENVSOCTY 1HA3 – Society, Culture and Environment
ENVSOCTY 1HB3 – Population, Cities and Development
ENVSOCTY 2EI3 – Environment & Society: Challenges and Solutions
EARTHSC 2GG3 – Natural Disasters

Please contact for more information.

Attend an Earth Science or Environment and Society Lecture at McMaster: Learn More

High School Visits

You can have a graduate student in the School of Earth, Environment & Society visit your high school classroom and give a presentation. (Only available to schools within a 25 km radius of McMaster University.)

Your students can learn firsthand how science (whether it be biology, chemistry or physics) can be applied to the physical environment. They can also learn about the numerous career opportunities associated with a B.Sc. in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

For more information, please contact Luc Bernier.

High School Visits: Learn More
bird's eye view from the sky of central campus, mcmaster university

McMaster Rocks

Rocks formed all over the world can be found in our McMaster gardens, pathways, and architecture. By observing different features of a rock, one can learn a lot about the environment in which it was deposited.

Geologists use these features as clues to help reconstruct past environments, and to predict where important resources are!

Campus Geology at McMaster University

McMaster Rocks: Learn More