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Mathematics & Statistics Outreach

For all activities, please contact Outreach coordinators Erin Clements or Miroslav Lovric.

High School Visits

Visits from High School Students

Every year, we organize activities for visiting groups of high school students. For their half-day, or full-day stay at McMaster, we offer various activities, including: visiting a lecture in a first-year course; attending a lecture about math and its applications; conversation about what it takes to be a good math student; discussions with the students from the Math and Stats society; and a guided campus tour.

Visits to Local High Schools

From time to time, upon invitation, we visit local high schools. Often, our visit includes discussions with math teachers and a lecture to students about mathematics, applications of mathematics, and jobs which involve mathematics. Please contact us if you wish to organize a visit.

High School Visits: Contact Us

Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

Every March, we host a Math Kangaroo contest for grades 1-12. This is a fun contest, which involves working individually on math problems appropriate for the age (grade) of the contestants. Please visit for further information, and to see how to register. Registration for the contest opens in December.

Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest: Learn More

Zanzibar Group Math Competition

This is a new competition, as of November 2023 and is open to students in grades 9-12. A couple of months before the contest, we will send an email to high school teachers and ask them to advertise the competition, encourage students to form groups (maximum three students per group), and send us the names of all students who will participate. The groups work on a number of math problems, ranging from straightforward to challenging.

Zanzibar Group Math Competition: Contact Us

Community of High School Math Teachers

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics has previously hosted and plans to again host, a Dialogue on Transition Issues with math teachers in the region. We invite teachers to share their insights and experiences about grade 12 math courses and we discuss how Level I math courses at McMaster have changed to adapt to changes in the high school mathematics curriculum.

If you are a grade 12 math teacher, math department head, guidance counselor or secondary school principal, we would welcome your attendance. We advertise this event via our email list of teachers in the broader Hamilton and Toronto areas.

Community of High School Math Teachers: Contact Us

Mathematics Review Manual

Mathematics Review Manual

The Mathematics Review Manual is an excellent resource for students who will be taking first-year calculus at university. It is strongly recommended that students work through this review during the summer months before their first semester at university.

For all activities, please contact Outreach coordinators Erin Clements or Miroslav Lovric.

Mathematics Review Manual: Review Manual