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Office of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

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Departments and Schools

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is the hub of research and teaching related to living systems and environments, and how knowledge contributes to advances in environmental and medical biotechnology.

With undergraduate specializations in Environmental Science, Physiology, Psychology, Mathematics, Neuroscience and Molecular Biology and Genetics, the Department offers students the ability to prepare for careers in scientific research, industry and the public sector

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Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology is a vibrant place to study and conduct research in chemical sciences. Its collaborative approach links research and teaching with other areas and disciplines on campus.

Faculty members and facilities of international calibre make McMaster one of the best Chemistry and Chemical Biology departments in Canada.The Department offers an inspiring learning environment by giving students hands-on access to experiential learning in laboratories using modern instrumentation and exceptional opportunities to join research teams

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School of Earth, Environment and Society

The School of Earth, Environment and Society is an internationally recognized centre of research and training. It offers innovative hands-on lab experiments and field work to provide students with relevant experiences.

Students learn about the earth’s history, environmental and contaminant geochemistry, hydrology and hydrogeology, ecology, environmental issues, urban planning, and geographic information science (GIS).

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School of Interdisciplinary Science

School of Interdisciplinary Science programs provide students with the opportunity to study various topics in human health, aging, and disease. Our curriculum is organized under the categories of communication, experiential learning, and research skills.

A unique aspect to our programs involves the implementation of community-based projects and peer mentoring experiential opportunities that are tied to in-course experiences.

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Department of Kinesiology

The Department of Kinesiology is committed to the discovery, communication and application of knowledge through the interdisciplinary study of human movement.

We employ a cell to society approach to advance our understanding of the role of physical activity in promoting human health and well-being. Our comprehensive curriculum engages students in experiential learning. Students are taught by outstanding faculty, have access to state of the art teaching and research labs, and benefit from our active hands-on approach to learning.

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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics studies patterns underlying diverse phenomena such as the weather, human and animal populations, stock markets, the form of a molecule, or the structure of space and time.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics emphasizes a student-centered, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research.

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Department of Physics & Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is research intensive, with a strong commitment to excellence in teaching.

In its unique undergraduate programs, students begin by learning the fundamental concepts and ideas through which physics has transformed the modern world and then taught how to translate these ideas into the elegant language of mathematics, solve questions and develop deeper understanding.

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Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour

The Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (PNB) leads the study of psychological science, the nervous system and the brain, and behaviour in animals and humans.

Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour undergraduate programs give students a strong foundation for a career or further academic and professional training.

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